Hello world!

Welcome to the fOOrth language web site. I am very glad to announce that the first beta of fOOrth has just recently been released with Version 0.5.0.

This first post serves as a place-holder for the coming content. On this site will be user’s documentation, reference material and deep dives into the internals of fOOrth, its compiler, and run-time environment and library. It will also take a look at the design of the language itself and the characteristics of stack based programming languages.

A reasonable question at this point has to be “What is fOOrth?”. The github repository for the language says:

The fOOrth language is an experimental variant of FORTH that attempts to incorporate object oriented and functional programming concepts. It also tries to extrapolate an alternate reality where FORTH was not frozen in the past, but continued to grow and develop with the times. Above all this project is the result of nearly 30 years of thought on the design of threaded compilers and languages with simplified grammars and syntax.

The repository itself is at: fOOrth and and updates to the language and its documentation will continue in the coming months. The Ruby language gem that is the current implementation of fOOth is found here. To utilize this gem, the Ruby language (a version not less than MRI 1.9.3 or equivalent) will need to be installed first.

Best regards;

Peter Camilleri