Announcing fOOrth Version 0.6.0

Things continue to move forward here at the secret lair of the International fOOrth Consortium. Today this takes the form of the release of fOOrth 0.6.0.

So what’s new? In a word: Strings. The entire way strings are handled has received a full makeover. In a recent article, on the Teuthida Technologies web site, the mutation of strings was examined. To summarize, it was concluded that the best approach to strings and mutation was to support two types or classes of strings. The first, and default, would be safe and immutable. The second, selectable at the discretion of the programmer would be mutable, faster, but trickier to use.

At the time, fOOrth followed the Ruby model, that all strings were mutable. The above article was the impetus to raise a question: Does it have to be so? The answer, after a careful study, was a resounding NO! The fOOrth language could go its own way.

That is why fOOrth Version 0.6.0 introduces the StringBuffer class, which is a class of mutable string. The existing String class is now the class of immutable strings. All of this is documented in the new, updated User’s Guide page on this web site.

As always the updated code may be found on github and the executable code is in a gem.