Announcing fOOrth version 0.6.7

I am pleased to announce the release of fOOrth version 0.6.7. This release continues to make progress toward the next major milestone version 0.7.0. Here is what is included this go around:

  • Added the ability to create method aliases using the alias:, .alias:, and .alias:: methods.
  • Added the ability to create stub methods using the stub:, .stub:, and .stub:: methods.
  • A fairly extensive round of code refactoring.

Here is the work still in progress:

  • Should it be possible to define instance variables in a procedure that has no compile time link to any class or object. If so, then how? how on earth, how? (Issue #105)

These issues are added since that last discussion.

  • Improved error tracking to show the file, line, and position where an error was detected by the system. (Issue 112)
  • Pause long winded output at page breaks. (Issue 113)
  • Add the ability to forward (delegate) messages to another object. (Issue 114)

And one target has been removed. When creating alias methods it was deemed undesirable (or at the very least, highly ill advised) to create alias methods with:

  • Different target, same routing, same name.

So the tally is two issues removed and three added. Clearly there will need to be a severe limit on the adding of new requirements or else the next major version will never come about.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please do not hesitate to discuss them here or on the issue data base on github.

Best regards;

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)