Update: fOOrth 0.6.4 released.

It has been a very long and trying summer. Between oppressive heat and drought, not a lot of progress has been made, but there is at least something to report. With fOOrth 0.6.4, there are a number of minor improvements and a modest number of bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with the string parser “peeking” around end-of-line.
  • Fixed a bug with creating instance values/variables in an exclusive method.
  • Filled in some gaps in the integration test suite for instance data.
  • Several updates to the user’s guide including a better description of the types of methods, their creation and usage.

Things are making progress toward version 0.7.0, but there are a number of thorny issues that need to be resolved first.

  • Should it be possible to define instance variables in a procedure that has no compile time link to any class or object. If so, then how? how on earth, how? (Issue #105)
  • It should be possible to override the default routing of fOOrth language created methods. Currently, only Ruby created methods can use special routing. The issue here is more a matter of not breaking the compiler as this is a rather delicate part of the code. (Issue 87)
  • It should be possible to create aliases of a method with:
    • Same target, same routing, new name. (Issue 62)
    • Different target, same routing, same name.
    • Same target, new routing, new automatically created name. (Issue 104)
  • The ability to create stub methods to block unwanted execution. (Issue 25)

These new features all need to be sorted out, tested and documented in the User’s Guide as a prerequisite for the next major version release.

Further off, I think that some sort of policy for loading resources is needed. Ideally, a highly simplified version of the Ruby gem system. The focus here: The need to keep this SIMPLE!

Till then, any comments are most welcomed:

Best Regards;

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)