Update: fOOrth 0.6.8 released.

Hi all;

Well, fOOrth 0.6.8 is released. No drum roll needed, this is a minor update. The only reason that a new version was dropped was due to changes in the mini_readline gem used in this code. This forced an update due to the fact that the module aliasing feature has been removed from that gem due to the fact that it just did not work as hoped.

Now, fOOrth had code to suppress module aliasing that had to go. Thus a new drop of code.

It’s not all for nothing though. The data formatting routine, created for fOOrth, were ported to the mysh project. While there, a lot of code cleanup and bug fixing happened. Now this version of fOOrth gets those improvements.

As for the huge list of other pending improvements, they will have to wait for version 0.6.9 or beyond.

Best Regards

Peter Camilleri