Update to fOOrth Version 0.6.9

Hi All;

Well, thanks to the wayback machine I was able to recover four posts. It seems two are lost, but that’s not SO bad. This article bridges the gap between version 0.6.7 and 0.6.9 and is based on the release notes in github.

Version 0.6.8

The main reason for this release is due to changes in the mini_readline gem. However:

  • The data formatting routines have back-ported all of the improvements and bug fixes from the porting to the mysh gem.
  • A fix to the testing of the Mutex class that would fail rarely. The test had the defect, not the Mutex.

Since most of these changes are internal, there is little to no change in the User’s Guide.

Version 0.6.9

Tying up loose ends left by the 0.6.8 release.

  • Updated the User’s Guide.
  • Corrected defects added to the code by the back-porting of column/bullet formatting code from the mysh project.

Best Regards;

Peter Camilleri