Work in Progress.

Hello All;

I know it’s been a long time since the last post, so a very quick update is in order.

One of the recent features added to fOOrth has been a series of methods to support the formatting of data as columns as well as bullets points. This is a useful feature. So useful in fact that I ported it to one of my other projects called mysh (source code here).

In porting the code, I ran into requirements for things it did not do. Specifically, I needed to have a bullet point whose description was neatly formatted as columns. I also noted that the code was in dire need of refactoring and cleanup. I also found bugs! A great deal of work later and mysh has a version of data formatting with superior features, fewer bugs, and cleaner code.

The only thing for it is to port all of these improvements back to fOOrth. I just have not had time to do that. It will be part of the next release.

In other exciting news, the mini_readline gem (source code here)  now has at least partial operability in jruby under Windows version 7, 32 bit. This awesome news means that for the first time, fOOrth unit and integration testing is now possible under jruby. The results of this testing should be interesting and I look forward to being able to publish performance data for the available platforms, as soon as a I get around to writing a performance testing framework.

I have not forgotten the existing list of new stuff needed. Here is a list of the work still in progress:

  • Should it be possible to define instance variables in a procedure that has no compile time link to any class or object. If so, then how? how on earth, how? (Issue #105)

These issues are added since that last discussion.

  • Improved error tracking to show the file, line, and position where an error was detected by the system. (Issue 112)
  • Pause long winded output at page breaks. (Issue 113)
  • Add the ability to forward (delegate) messages to another object. (Issue 114)

I’m not sure how much of all this new stuff will make it into the next version, but I will try for as much as possible.

Best Regards;

Peter Camilleri (aka Squidly Jones)